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Address£ºDayi county, chengdu city, sichuan province in the original town industrial avenue two segments38Home jun industrial city  ShuICPTo prepare12019932Number-1 The website construction£ºFounded in powerChengdu

Sichuan too MOE model steel profile technology co., LTD


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Whether you are looking for£ºAdvertising bags   Vest bag    Color printing effect of handbags   Non-woven bag   The supermarket environmental protection bags   Paper bag


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Our advantage

Equipment advantages


Company now has fully automatic bag making the production line£¬Nissan11M a non-woven bag production capacity£¬With its own brand image and business characteristics¡£

Speed advantage


We have formed the design,Cutting¡¢Printing¡¢Sewing¡¢Bag making£¬Marketing¡¢After-sale one-stop service£¬Factory made to order£¬The quality control£¬Delivery on time£¡

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Price advantage


The company from the origin factory purchasing£¬To reduce the goods circulation in the middle£¬Ensure the quality of products£¬Also occupy a considerable advantage in price¡£

Service advantages


Free design£¬Free play version£¬Deliver free of charge£¬"Online platform¡¢Call centre¡¢Territorial service"Three nets service system£¬The front-end exclusive service personnel£¬00000000Phone exclusive service channel to communicate with you¡£

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Quality advantage

Print clearly Quality New environmental protection Long-term strategic cooperation with bibcock of non-woven fabric production enterprises£¬In one hand100%Polypropylene productionSSSSLevel80GNew fabrics£¬Bearing is significant¡£

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About too MOE

The company was established in2011Years£¬Has focused on non-woven fabric environmental protection bag,After8Years of development£¬Form now:Design,Cutting,Printing,Production,The shape of a dragon service,In order to improve production efficiency and improve product quality,The company has introduced the automatic roll to roll printing machines,Fully automatic molding bag making machine at a time,Now the nissan non-woven fabric environmental protection bag12A.
       Non-woven fabric environmental protection bag non-woven fabric as raw material¡£It is a new generation of environmental protection material£¬A tough and durable,Aesthetically pleasing,Permeability is good¡¢Easy to decompose,Non-toxic, without excitant¡¢Color is rich, etc¡£If the material is placed in outdoor or natural decomposition of water£¬The longest life expectancy of90Days¡£Placed in the interior decomposition within five years£¬Non-toxic combustion¡¢Tasteless¡¢And without any left over material¡£So as to not pollute the environment£¬Therefore, environmental protection bags¡£
   Our business orientation£ºProfessional provide families with the real green environmental protection product£¬Let the green environmental protection and every life£¬In order to¡°Fast¡¢Optimal¡¢Ping¡±Service in various industries! Source factory delivery fast,Quality,The price is right,Professional custom£¬The quality control£¬Welcome new and old customers to inquire or order!

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Common problems


The answer to that
¡¡¡¡As a food¡¢Drinks¡¢Dairy products¡¢Cosmetic¡¢Clothing footwear and other fast-moving consumer goods£¬Product consumption cycle is short£¬So the packaging has become a kind of low cost¡¢Brand media with good effect¡£Good packaging design£¬Not only should design¡¢Full of individual character£¬And to assume the function of the brand communication¡£Starting from the plastic limit order release£¬Plastic bags gradually exit the packaging market£¬Instead, the non-woven bags£¬It not only can be used repeatedly£¬Can also be printed on design and advertising£¬Repeated use of attrition rate is low£¬Not only can save cost£¬Also can bring about advertising effectiveness¡£
The answer to that
With the prevalence of non-woven environmental protection bags£¬Many companies are willing to choose it as advertising propaganda£¬Xin wei ya packing small make up feel is mainly due to the non-woven fabric environmental protection bag prices low and environmental factors;However, involves the cost and quality considerations£¬How to choose a suitable for your business's non-woven environmental protection bags for promotion and advertising is particularly important£¬Normally the choose and buy an ideal non-woven environmental protection bags must be from the following three points to consider£º¡¡¡¡1¡¢Advertising effect factors£¬The service life of a non-woven environmental protection bags£¬Design layout£¬Process quality fit and unfit quality directly affect the user details on advertising



£¨Waste gas¡¢Waste water¡¢Noise£©-Siyuan packing acceptance monitoring report
¡¡¡¡The first by the state council of the People's Republic of China 682 Number¡¶The state council on amending<The regulations on environmental protection and management of construction projects>The decision¡·(2017 Years 7 Month 16 Day); 2¡¢Environmental protection department of the People's Republic of China£¬The ring gauge eia[2017]4 Number¡¶About the release¡¶Construction project completion environmental protection acceptance interim measures¡·The public announcement¡·(2017 Years 11 Month 22 Day); 3¡¢¡¶About in order to strengthen the management of urban construction project environmental impact assessment work of the notice¡·(National environmental protection ring[2008]70 Number);
Ses acceptance packing
2019 Years 2 Month 27 Day£¬Chengdu si yuan packing co., LTD. Group held its annual output 350 Tons BOPPFilm printing non-woven bag YanShouHui production project completion environmental protection£¬Set up the annual meeting 350 Tons BOPP Film printing non-woven bag production group project acceptance£¨Working group list attached below£©£¬According to the sichuan HuaZe compiled security environmental protection technology consulting co., LTD¡°Annual output 350 Tons BOPP Film printing non-woven bag production project completion environmental protection acceptance monitoring report¡±